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From:   Time[2016-09-10]

腾龙公司  Last Weekend , we organized a team activity , self-driving travel Heyuan city two days .

At the first day morning ,we are takes 2 hours driving from company to Heyuan Bavaria Manor , this is good place for vacation with beautiful scenery , fresh air ,comfortable hotel etc .  this manor's  theme is  improving fitness ,spirit and longevity .After have delicious lunch ,  everyone enjoy the entertainment  ,like  cableway ,dry skiing ,  play golf, spring bath etc .

Next day , we are driving to Wanlv Lake ,the beautiful lake in Guangdong,the water is very clean and not polluted ,have a lots of  fish in it .Sam staff  had rent a boast trip on the lake , and visit  3 island , the scenery is really very charming . 

Wanlv Lake's beautiful scenery .

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